Frequently Asked Questions

How does LeadReader+ work?

LeadReader+ (LR+) can be downloaded to any modern Android or iOS device so long as it has a camera. Once downloaded, LR+ must be paired over a data network to an exhibitor badge from a company that has at least one available activation to pair with it. Upon successful pairing, LR+ can scan badges in either online (wireless data or wifi) or offline (airplane mode or no data transfer ability) mode. Once a badge is scanned, the decoded data is stored locally on the device – and – if a data connection is available leads are immediately sent back to a company dashboard where they are stored. After the trade show concludes, your leads will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

The Application

How many activation keys do I need?

Your trade show booth comes with two(2) activation keys.

Can I add more activation keys?

Yes, contact your trade show representative. 866-933-2653

How much does the app cost?

The app is free in both the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

What are the app hardware requirements?

Your device must have a working rear-facing camera. iOS version 10 or greater or Android 2.3.3 or greater are recommended.

LeadReader+ does not save any pictures or photos to your device. The camera is only used to read and decode QR bar codes from trade show badges.

Will the app work without activation?

No, the app will not work without activation. Your device must be activated before it can be used to capture any leads.

How do I get the app?

iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod) users will need to download the app from the App Store. The easiest way is to visit the app store on your device and search for "LeadReader+" then click the download icon.

Android users need to visit the play store and search for "LeadReader+" then install.

Can I add notes to a lead?

Yes, you can add notes at the time of scan or later by accessing the record either through the device that recorded the original scan or the exhibitor dashboard.

Can I add custom qualifiers?

Yes, your trade show representative can help you add custom qualifiers for tagging and filtering your leads.

Can I delete leads from the app?


What happens if my battery dies?

Any leads that were scanned will always remain on the device which they were scanned. Leads that were scanned with an active data connection will also remain on the dashboard.

What happens if my phone breaks or I lose it during the event?

Any leads that were scanned with an active data connection will still be on the dashboard. Any leads that had not yet been synced will unfortunately be irretrievable.

The Dashboard

How do I access my leads?

Leads can be accessed two ways.

  1. Leads by device are available for viewing and modification (no download) on the device which they were scanned.
  2. A master file of all leads will be emailed to you once the trade show has ended.

When will I be able to activate LeadReader+?

You will activate your device within one business day of registering for the trade show.

Who administers the Dashboard?

The dashboard may be administered by as many users as you choose. Multiple users can be added to your account by users who already have access or by LeadReader+ staff.

Can I download my leads from the dashboard?

Yes, you can download your leads in either Excel or text formats. Leads can also be downloaded in groups based on sales rep, day, and other categories. Additional custom data downloads can be arranged for an additional fee.

Can I print leads from the dashboard?

Yes, the dashboard has a "print-friendly" form that can print full lead lists, or lists generated based on criteria of your choice.

Can leads be deleted from the dashboard?

No, leads can only be deleted once you download your data to a local machine.

What attendee information is included for my leads?

The complete attendee record is included as it was provided upon registration. This may include any or all of the following: company name, first name, last name, phone, cell, fax, e-mail, address, city, state, zip, category(ies).

Does the dashboard track who scanned which leads?

Yes, the dashboard treats each activated user/device as a unique data source. The dashboard additionally tracks date and time of leads.

Can I see my leads from previous events?

Yes, you can see your leads from each event in which you used the app. The Dashboard provides analytics and tools for comparing your leads from year to year and event to event.

How long will data be available on the Dashboard after the event?

The plan is to leave data on the dashboard indefinitely.